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 La Mujer En El Espejo

The story follows the double life of Juliana Soler, a 22-year-old girl of humble beginnings and not-so-attractive physique who was convinced that being alone was her destiny and that love was something she would never know. Her mother, Regina, a former model obsessed with beauty, has always made her feel like the ugly duckling. Fortunately, Juliana has the unconditional support of her aunt Mercedes and the enchantment of her magic mirror, which transforms Juliana into the beautiful Maritza Ferrer. However, the mirror's enchantment comes with strings attached: Juliana can be beautiful only during the day. When night falls, she returns to her normal appearance. As you might expect, the leading lady has an unknown and loaded father who ends up becoming her boss. Gabriel Mutti is the More...  

 La Heredera

What sort of conflicts would shatter a family whose vast fortune has passed from one generation to another over the years? This is more than the story of the wealthiest family of the region; it is an enthralling X-ray of the family members’ deepest conflicts. What can happen when the head of the family openly favors one of his children? Maria Claudia, daughter of the family Madero Grimaldi, possesses the intelligence, will, honesty, determination and leadership spirit her parents require for the future CEO of their enormous business consortium. After learning about the illness of her father, Maria Claudia boards a private jet that shall take her to home. From the very instant she boards the aircraft, the attraction between her and the pilot, Juan Antonio Bautista, strikes them. More...

 Luna, La Heredera


"Luna la heredera" is a love story between Luna, a young woman from the coast, who is forced to abandon her home as a result of her mother's murder and, Mauricio García, a successful and passionate man seeking revenge for his past. In the turmoil of his revenge desire, Mauricio finds out that Esteban Lombardo, his worst enemy, is interested in the lands belonging to Luna, to build a hotel compound, something that Luna would never allow. Mauricio decides to support Luna's mother's negative to sell the land, without considering that Lombardo's interest was so strong that the woman ends up dead, for her refusal to sell. Luna finds herself alone and full of animosity against Mauricio, whom she blames for all the events that have occurred. Luna arrives in the city hurt and deceived. She meets More...



In Rubi's heart simmers a dark conflict between a yearning to find true love and a desperate obsession with fortune and luxury. Born into relative poverty, Rubi is blessed instead with extraordinary physical beauty. She grows up dreaming of wealth, and becomes determined to use her beauty to marry a rich man who can provide her with all of life's luxury she never had.
With her sister Cristina's help, Rubi is awarded a scholarship to attend a private university. While Cristina works hard each day to help their mother and pay for their home, Rubi enjoys life at the university. She quickly befriends Maribel, a rich, sweet and unpretentious young woman, handicapped as the result of a terrible accident. Maribel takes to Rubi very strongly, and loves her as a sister, unaware that Rubi's affection More...

 Amor Descarado


This novela is a tale of mistaken identity with a new and completely original twist. The story begins with a terrible car accident where Rodolfo Fuentemayor, a wealthy industrialist, is knocked unconscious and awakens with amnesia. A witness, Pedro "Pelluco" Solis, looks so much like Fuentemayor that he is mistakenly given Rodolfo’s wallet and identification cards. Although Pelluco tries to return the wallet his plans change suddenly when he is seduced by his "twin's" fiancée, and decides to taste a little of the "good life". Meanwhile, Rodolfo Fuentemayor starts work at Pelluco’s menial job at the street market. Viewers will be surprised over and over again as Pelluco and Rodolfo will nearly cross paths and true love will be put to the test. More...


 Pasion de Gavilanes

This story tells about two family Elizondo and Reyes which Reyes family have 3 son and 1 daughter. The elder is Juan and youngest sister Libia. Libia have boyfriend name Bernando Elizondo who is older than her. When Libia boyfriend (Bernando) dies in one car accident, she knows that her boyfriend had family with 3 daughters. She meet Bernando wife and tell her everything about their affairs and news where she also pregnant Bernando son. Bernando wife did not accept Libia and hates her. Libia so sad about cold support from Bernando wife. She cannot tells her brothers about that news because she don't want them to worried about her. She take shortcut by killing herself. Finally 3 brothers search of revenge for their sister death. Their plan takes an unexpected turn when they More...

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