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In a painteresque small Mexican town, near the US border, the 13 year old girl, Guadalupe Santos is drugged and raped by Ernesto Riobueno, a young rancher who has been harassing her for quite some time. When she wakes up, Guadalupe finds Ernesto’s dead body lying besides her and a gun in her hand. Without knowing what really happened, she runs away from that place and hours later, after a real "hunt" is triggered, she is captured and placed in a correctional institution for minors, accused of murder. There she gives birth to a girl, daughter of the man who abused her, whom she names as Libertad. During the escape, Guadalupe splits from the rest of the runaways and manages to cross the border to the US. There she meets Daniel Moncada who helps her escape until she is safe and sound. More...

 Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres

Lo que callamos las mujeres captivate the real stories from women who have decided to break their silence. It displays the dramatization of women’s current histories into their social environment. Each program handles a subject in specific and if the case is similar to yours, you will find information that will help to solve your problem like self-esteem and self-confidence, the values, feelings and the fight to conquer the true love. Each episode also treats a different issue with a unique and known cast. The search for solutions and acceptance for a problem. One hour drama that depicts social problems, family problems, addictions, mental, health and emotional instability, diseases ect. A drama not to be missed by all women. More...


The usual peacefulness that is experienced in the home of Mrs. Alma Castillo de Diaz, a hardworking woman, who after her husband's death was able to bring up her four children thanks to her strength of character and many sacrifices, is suddenly transformed due to the preparations for the wedding of her second daughter: Antonia. The joy and expectancy of each member of the Diaz Castillo family is enormous... especially Soledad, a beautiful and vivacious young lady, the oldest daughter of Mrs. Аlma and recently graduated as an executive secretary. Everything seems to predict a beautiful ceremony, a good marriage and the prompt arrival of grandchildren and nephews and nieces. Soledad and Fatima (the youngest of the family), help their sister Antonia with the flurry of More...

 Anita No Te Rajes

After the premature death of her mother the young Mexican Anita Guerrero sets off to find her aunt in the United States. But what she doesn't know is that her aunt is actually her true mother who abandoned her at birth for being conceived by rape. After enduring the difficulties of crossing the U.S.-Mexican border, Anita reaches Los Angeles. There she meets Eduardo Contreras, a successful engineer who helps her out of some very sticky situations. Despite their efforts to stay out of each other's way, their paths keep crossing as Anita arrives in Miami, Eduardo's hometown. Together they will make an odd but perfect couple who must battle societal and cultural differences, as well as romantic intrigues, to defend their love and fighting to keep him as well as trying to convince her true mother to More...


The history occurs in Mexico City. Perla( Silvia Navarro) and her friend Julieta live together in a boarding school. Once, they meet the unusually beautiful young man named Roberto( Leonardo Garcia). Both fall in love with him from the first sight. Borte looks after for Julieta, but the girl doesn't see that he plays with her. In some time he disappears. Soon, after birth of the son, Julieta dies and also asks for Perla to take care of their son. Perla promises her friend, that will revenge Roberto Valderama and will bring up her son a good and honor. Julieta had been sent in a boarding school, when she was absolutely child and nobody knows, how she looks. Then Perla decides to be engaged a place of her friend in her house. More...

 La Hija Del Jardinero



The Gardener’s Daughter, an original story of spellbinding romance, passion, intrigue and struggle. Luisa Fermanda And Carlos Eduardo shall have to come face to face with the best kept secrets. Luisa Fermanda can never forget the Handsome and kindhearted doctor she met. Carlos Eduardo, whose love for her inflamed him the instant their eyes Met. For in his heart he knew that Luisa Ferananda would be his love, his life, his soul. Now, as the mysteries and intrigues are slowly uncovered, they will have to defend their love at every step of the way. Luisa Fernanda, a beautiful, intelligent, lively and restless girl. Daughter of Amelia Alcantra, who at the tender age of 18 got pregnant from the love of her life, Luis Alejandro. But his love for her was not strong enough, Luis Alejandro’s More...

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