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Belinda Arismendi is a young, beautiful and talented woman who is studying advertising. Her happy life comes to an end the day her dear mother dies.

She is caught in the middle of the turmoil after learning that her cherished family life is based on lies. Trapped by an immense sadness, she discovers her parents were not married and therefore the truth of her origin reveals itself: she is the illegitimate child of her father, a successful businessman of the advertising world. The shocking discovery along with her father’s recently detected cancer disrupts her world completely. Belinda is forced to move to the house of the “legitimate family” so she can be close to her sick father.

The legitimate family is conformed by her father’s wife, Lucrecia and her two stepbrothers, Luis Alfredo and Anabela. None of them are willing to accept her. As a result of her highly complicated life, Belinda’s only refugee is the love of Ricardo Semprun. Ricardo is a young and tender student of Business Administration who met Belinda days before the death of her mother. An instant was enough to fire up a discreet and loving romance. Theirs is a love story full of silent passion and tenderness besieged by the loneliness in which Belinda lives.

But love realms have paths covered by thorns… Belinda discovers Ricardo is the dashing fiancé of her stepsister Anabela. Belinda’s sadness is overwhelming but still she finds the courage to break up with Ricardo. Determined to begin her life anew, Belinda dedicates her life to the job she has at her father’s advertising agency. Her endless effort and glittering ideas make her become successful and well known in the advertising industry… which of course provokes the envy of many.

On the other hand, Ricardo suffers silently Belinda’s loss. However he finds himself unable to break up his engagement due to the many family interests that depend on this marriage. Only time will make him realize how deep and powerful is the love he feels for Belinda. He will do anything including leaving Anabela to get back Belinda’s love and trust.

After the death of her father, Lucrecia, Luis Alfredo and Anabela make Belinda believe that she was not in her fathers will. But Belinda’s mind is set, she will not sit idly and do nothing, justice must prevail. As she dashes headlong into unforeseen dangers, Belinda’s success in the advertising field speaks by itself. The grand opportunity appears when she finds out that her father’s advertising agency is in edge of bankruptcy. It is now that she works even harder to rebuild not only the agency but also the family home from where she was kicked out. The divorce of Ricardo and Anabela is on its way and he begs for Belinda’s forgiveness. Aside from the betrayals and resentment, Belinda’s love for Ricardo still remains. Once Anabela is out of Ricardo’s life she can forgive him and finally they can live together the love story they always wished.

Showing Time: (Mon-Fri 1.30-2.30 PM RTM2)

Episode: 120 x 45 minutes

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