Summary 6

Episode 44-48


Diego asks Jorge to start the process of his divorce. Berenice tells her parents that she will wait Diego to give her divorce so as to can ask a part of his fortune. Fabian says Barbara that he will turn back to Maiami and she decides to stay to Mexico. Jorge says Diego that his divorce will be something easy to take, since his marriage had never finished. Diego announces Paloma that he will inform the members of the company that will resign from the company.Berenice orders Miguel to leave her alone and she tells him that for her he was nothing more than an adventure. Berenice finally agrees to help her partents and she gives Diego some contacts to sign. Miguel's economical situation is very bad and he decides to start flirting Diana, helping that she will help him. Barbara fights with Fabian. Berenice and Diego agree to have a dinner with Fabian so as to talk. Barbara talks with Berenice and she makes her clear that Diego was with Elena in Manzanillo. Graciela tells Barbara that she is sure that Elena will be fired soon. Berenice and Barbara are listening Elena to sing the song that was singing Paloma. Berenice wants to enter her office to talk with her but Barbara doesn't allow her. Hernandes tells that he didn't check the commends who where in Elena's Curriculum Vitae because Fabian ordered him to hire her immediately.Barbara phones Fabian so as to decide together what will they do so as to make Diego and Paloma to fight. Miguel and Diana are on a date.Barbara finds the proofs that Diego wasn't in Acapulco and he had told to his family, but in Manzanillo. Margarita says to Paloma that Berenice and Barbara where angry and they were talking for much time with Fabian, who tried to calm them. Fabian orders Rafael to check the past of Elena. Fabian tries to find the way to make Diego not to go in the company for some days. He also tells the other members of the family that he waits Rafael's report so as to fire Paloma. Barbara and Berenice want Paloma to be inprisoned. Soledad tries to calm Paloma. Ijnes asks Berenice for the new boyfriend of Diana, Miguel. Fabian pushes Diego to stay in the ranch. Rafael gives Fabian the proofs he wanted against Elena. Jeremy discoveres something about the saved coffee and Diego understands that he is in a trap. Rafael pushes Paloma to go in the office of Fabian. Fabian makes fool of Paloma. She tries to protect herself and she tells him that she never was a prostitute. Diego tries to communicate with Paloma, with no success. Fabian tells Paloma that for Diego their story was just and adventure. Diego, on the other hand, asks from Librado to resign. Paloma splits the check that Fabian gave her for her 'service to Diego'. Diego succeeds to come back to Mexico but Paloma has left the comopany. Rafael doesn't let Margarita to talk to Diego. Berenice doesn't want to go Barbara in the comany. Diego fights with Fabian. He tries to make him believe that Paloma was his lover, too. Soledad tries to calm Paloma saying that all that Fabian told her are lies and that Diego loves her in truth.


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