Pasion de Gavilanes Synopsis (Passion of Sparrowhawks)


This story tells about two family Elizondo and Reyes which Reyes family have 3 son and 1 daughter. The elder is Juan and youngest sister Libia. Libia have boyfriend name Bernando Elizondo who is older than her. When Libia boyfriend (Bernando) dies in one car accident, she knows that her boyfriend had family with 3 daughters. She meet Bernando wife and tell her everything about their affairs and news where she also pregnant Bernando son. Bernando wife did not accept Libia and hates her. Libia soo sad about cold support from Bernando wife. She cannot tells her brothers about that news because she don't want them to worried about her. She take shortcut by killing herself. Finally 3 brothers search of revenge for their sister death. Their plan takes an unexpected turn when they meet the Elizondo sisters, the three beautiful daughters of the powerful hacendado who they blame for their misfortune.

Showing Time: (Mon-Thu 11PM Astro Prima)

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