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In Rubi's heart simmers a dark conflict between a yearning to find true love and a desperate obsession with fortune and luxury. Born into relative poverty, Rubi is blessed instead with extraordinary physical beauty. She grows up dreaming of wealth, and becomes determined to use her beauty to marry a rich man who can provide her with all of life's luxury she never had.
With her sister Cristina's help, Rubi is awarded a scholarship to attend a private university. While Cristina works hard each day to help their mother and pay for their home, Rubi enjoys life at the university. She quickly befriends Maribel, a rich, sweet and unpretentious young woman, handicapped as the result of a terrible accident. Maribel takes to Rubi very strongly, and loves her as a sister, unaware that Rubi's affection is poisoned by envy. When Rubi visits Maribel's mansion, she grows even more convinced that she deserves to be rich as well, and she will do anything to become wealthy.
Maribel is shy due to her physical appearance and handicap, and spends hours on the Internet. In an on-line chat-room she meets a kind young man named Hector. They become good friends through their correspondence, and end up dating in cyber-space. When Hector and Maribel finally decide to meet, Hector is shocked by her appearance. But he quickly realizes that he loves her despite her looks and asks her to marry him. Maribel happily accepts the proposal.
Hector introduces Rubi to his best friend, a young orthopedist named Alejandro. Immediately, there is strong chemistry between them and a deep love is born. Maribel is happy for Rubi because she finally falls in love with a rich, handsome doctor who will fulfill her and give her everything she has always dreamed of. But Alejandro's family is not rich, and Rubi is forced to choose between marrying her true love, and continuing her quest for financial wealth. Sadly, Rubi calls off the wedding, opting for the pursuit of riches over true love. Alejandro is heartbroken and decides to leave Rubi forever, dedicating himself to his medical practice.
Now Rubi is more determined than ever to marry a millionaire, and is ready to go so far as to betray her dearest friend. Overcome by jealousy and greed, Rubi plans to steal Hector's love from Maribel. She seduces him with her beauty and wins his affection, finally achieving her heartless goal.
She has it all: money, jewelry, luxury. Her dream has come true, but Rubi learns that vanity, greed and deceit are terrible sins and that wealth is not necessarily the key to happiness.

Showing Time: (Mon-Fri 3.30-4.30 TV3)

Episode: 115

Duration: 26 April 2005 - 31 October 2005* Subject to change

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Memorable Quotes from "Rubí"

Alejandro Cárdenas: [he's standing over Sonia's dead body; she's in her coffin and he's saying his last goodbye before she's taken to be cremated] I hope I made you happy. You gave me many beautiful moments. Rest in Peace, my love!

Rubí Pérez: You could be a great wife to Alejandro, but you won't ever take my place, I am the woman who he loves!
Sonia Chavarría: Get out of my house, I won't listen to you!
Rubí Pérez: You're going to listen to me for as long as I want, because he feels real love with me. His real passion is in my arms and lips, and when he's in bed with you, he thinks about me!
Sonia Chavarría: [Sonia slaps Rubí, and then Rubí moves away from Sonia, and off the bridge] Get off of me!
[Sonia moves away from Rubi, and onto the crystal bridge, and suddenly the bridge shatters under her weight, and she falls through and dies, with a crystal through her neck]
Cayetano Martínez: You know what, I think I'm ready to die!
Cristina Pérez: Cayetano, don't!
Héctor Ferrer: I'm sorry about what's happened, Elena. I wish that everything could have been different, but...
Elena Navarro: ... you can't. When ever Rubi appears, I don't matter to you at all. And it hurts me because that woman is going to destroy you, even though you can't seem to live without her.
Héctor Ferrer: I don't know what comes over me with Rubi, but I can't deny what you're saying.



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