Secreto de Amor Synopsis (Secret of Love)


This contemporary telenovela, taped at the most lavish locations in the city of Miami, is a love story that takes place in a world of immigrants… bringing to light their struggles, their dreams, their successes and failures.

María Clara is a hard working young woman who lives in Caracas with her mother and younger sister. María Clara is in love with a young carpenter named Carlos Raúl. In spite of their poor financial situation, the couple is ready to get married… but fate has other plans for them.

Carlos Raúl loses his job and, frustrated because he know that without a salary he will not be able to marry María Clara, he decides to go to Miami in search of a better life, as so many immigrants do. María Clara, though fearful that this temporary separation could jeopardize their relationship, agrees and promises to wait for him.

In Miami, Carlos Raúl starts working as a bellboy at a luxurious hotel owned by the Serrano family. There he meets Barbara, the rich heir to the family. Instantly attracted to the handsome young man, she decides to conquer him - and eventually falls in love. Carlos Raúl lets himself be seduced by Barbara’s beauty… and most of all by her millions. Their relationship benefits him, and within a year he is promoted to manager of the hotel.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, María Clara’s mother dies and she is devastaded. Anxious to see her fiancé and pressured by her ambitious sister, she moves to Miami… where she’ll be the victim of Carlos Raúl’s deceit, as he conceals the fact that he has married Barbara out of self-interest. However, María Clara finds out the truth when she meets Lisandro Serrano, Barbara’s brother, who falls madly in love with her.

Profoundly disillusioned, María Clara marries Lisandro without loving him. What she felt for Carlos Raúl is still intact, but now both belong to others even though neither of them is happy. Will they ever be able to leave the past behind and relive the love they once shared?

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