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Universal Music Video and Distribution/Visual Entertainment (UMVD/VE) and Xenon Pictures, Inc. have announced the release on April 26, 2005 of AMOR REAL on DVD across the USA. The double disc, with more than 430 minutes, will be available to a wider audience as it includes subtitles in English in addition to bloopers, interviews, a photo gallery and the musical video by award winning Latin pop band Sin Bandera.

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Loaded with DVD bonus features including:

  • Bloopers.
  • Actor biographies.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Music video by award winning Latin pop band Sin Bandera.
  • Interactive menus and scene selection.

Telenovelas, the Latin American entertainment phenomenon which has carved out an extraordinary presence in the United States and more than 100 countries around the world, reach some 2 billion viewers in places as diverse as Russia, China, Romania and Afganistan. For viewers of any nationality, Telenovelas provide an addictive formula of impossible love, social chasms, plotting evildoers and the eventual triumph of good.Telenovelas are aired in prime-time six days a week (often dubbed or subtitled for non-Spanish-speaking viewers) attracting a broad audience across age and gender lines, and commanding top advertising rates. Each series runs an average of six months, and plots have a distinct beginning, middle and climactic ending. Telenovelas generally vary from 180 to 200 hundred episodes, but the more popular ones may be extended for longer periods due to successful ratings.

Starring Adela Noriega, Fernando Colunga and Mauricio Islas, some of Mexico's most sought-after talent, AMOR REAL, is a magnificent 19th century drama that tells the story of Matilde Peñalver y Beristain, proud, beautiful and aristocratic, who falls in love with penniless soldier Adolfo Solís, though her mother Augusta is determined that she marry a rich man. After creating a rift between the two lovers, Augusta forces her daughter to marry Manuel Fuentes Guerra-honorable, handsome and heir to a vast fortune. Unhappy in her marriage, Matilde continues her romance with Adolfo, creating a triangle that threatens everyone involved, including Matilde's unborn child.While on the air AMOR REAL, broke TV viewing records both in Mexico, where the entire "telenovela" was run a second time after public demand, and in the U.S., becoming the #1 Spanish soap opera of all time.









Matilde, who comes from a supposedly respectable and aristocratic family, is in love with Adolfo, an army Lieutenant with no fortune of his own. In a desperate bid to save the family from financial ruin, Matilde’s unscrupulous mother has schemed to arrange a marriage between her daughter and Manuel, a wealthy landowner with noble intentions. Unaware of her feelings for Adolfo, Manuel succeeds in winning Matilde’s hand after her mother has Adolfo arrested and falsely informs her that Adolfo has been hiding a wife and family in a neighboring town. Adolfo breaks out of prison to be with Matilde, but it is too late. Upon learning of Adolfo’s escape and his bride’s devotion to this man whom he has never seen, Manuel takes Matilde to live on his ranch in the countryside. There they consummate their marriage and despite her feelings for Adolfo, Matilde slowly but surely begins to have feelings for Manuel. Manuel hires a new ranch foreman, who turns out to be Adolfo. To complicate matters, Matilde’s unexpected pregnancy will suddenly help all three of these distraught lovers understand the meaning of Real Love.


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